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My husband had a torn three tendons in his rotator cuff. The injuries were old and the muscles had pulled away. Dr. Bahk is a miracle worker! He was able to attach the tendons! My husband can do most of the shoulder functions now.  I do recommend Dr. Bahk to anyone with orthopedic needs.

Frances L.


I am an SVPD Police Officer with 17 years of street experience. I was brutally injured by a mental health patient, which resulted in a fully torn right knee PCL. Dr. Bahk was great and I was back to work full duty in four months.  While I am still healing, Dr. Bahk was amazing and did a great job. Dr. Bahk and his nurse kept my spirits high while providing me with the best care, which not only saved my career, but also allowed me to return full field duty quickly. Thank you Dr. Bahk and all of the SCOI staff.

Jim W.


Both doctors are outstanding and after 3 months of my collarbone not healing, Dr Grossman asked me to see one of SCOI's shoulder orthopedic surgeons known as Dr Bahk! I did and after consultation with Dr Bahk, I opted for collarbone surgery involving a titanium plate and 7 screws. Surgery went great and I was in and out in about 4 1/2 hours. I cannot thank both of these doctors for their support, especially their two office scheduling assistants, Jennifer & Erica. They were both outstanding in trying to set up my appointments and schedule my surgery. Thanks much.

Stan F.


After being treated for tendonitis for my shoulder by my regular physician, Dr. Bahk didn't concur with the diagnosis and ordered an MRI, which revealed I had indeed fractured my shoulder. If it had not been for his persistence, I'd still be in a lot of pain.

Susan P.


Thank you for being such a personable, compassionate surgeon.  My shoulder problems plagued me for two years and I had seen three other doctors. When I came in to see you for a consultation, you put me at ease right away. You have a great personality that is genuinely warm and caring. It is great to have a skilled surgeon but one that is truly caring is very special!  Thanks for listening, and thanks for taking the time to explain what to expect. I also appreciated the video with your explanation during my surgery. Many thanks for your excellent skills, attentiveness, care, and concern. I'm not looking forward to any surgery soon however, if I need a surgeon, I know where I will go for excellent care. Also I would like to praise Erika for her attention to detail. She was always on top of everything. I have been very satisfied with the care I have received from you.



As a 19 year old, I used to think I was invincible from the world of injuries. Until I sustained a knee injury that was severe enough to sideline me for quite some time. Having a knee injury that was slightly out of the norm, I am so glad that I chose to come to SCOI. Dr. Burns walked through a 2-year process with me as we got me back on track and playing the sport that I love. He communicated in a way that I could understand and even through a long process with a couple of surgeries tacked on I can honestly say he is the reason why I went back to play volleyball and start training for my first half marathon. With his positive attitude I was able to maintain my positive attitude, making the process that much smoother.

But with my luck, I also sustained another injury, this time on my other knee. Having moved out of the Northridge/Van Nuys area and into the Conejo Valley area, I knew that SCOI would have physicians that I could trust. Dr. Bahk guided me through the process and it was a piece of cake. I felt comfortable about his decisions and game plan going into surgery. And almost 5 months later, I am getting closer and closer to being able to do the things I love, maintaining an active lifestyle that a now 23 year old should have. Thank you SCOI for helping me along the way!

Amanda D.


I was referred to Southern California Orthopedic Institute by a friend and doctor and I have been very happy with the treatment and professionalism so far! I fractured my arm right before New Years and they were kind enough to see me on New Years Eve Day. Dr. Bahk and his staff have been very nice and treated me very well. I really appreciate their genuine concern for my well-being and would highly recommend them to anyone needing orthopedic services!

Michael G.


Everything went so smoothly thanks to Dr. Bahk, his staff, and SCOI. I am on the road to recovery and getting better each and every day.

Paula R.


I was diagnosed with a large rotator cuff and two and a half torn tendons. Dr Bahk preformed the surgery. Everything went very smoothly. I'm seven weeks out and healing very nicely. The staff has been professional and explained everything.

Michael S.


When I ruptured my lower bicep tendon at work as a firefighter, I immediately thought how was I going to find the best doctor to repair the tendon and get me back to my career. I was a sports chiropractor for 12 years and I had patients that went to SCOI. I also knew I would have to convince my employer to let me choose the doctor. Let me save you the trouble. I did all the research, read many bios of doctors, and knew exactly the type of doctor that I wanted for my own surgery. Now it was my turn as the doctor to find the right doctor. Many things can go wrong, but you will have to trust me on this one.

Dr. Bahk will tell you exactly what to expect. He will not rush you. He is very professional and extremely smart. His bedside manner is exactly how I would treat my own patients. The recovery is what it is.  He does the initial hard work and then you listen and do the rehab, which is also hard work. My job is very physical. I was back to work at 90%, 7 months later. At one year, I was at 100%. Dr. Bahk is very good at what he does. I hope this helps anyone who has any fears or doubts. Thank You Doctor Bahk!

Brian P.


I received a second procedure with Dr. Bahk and I am extremely satisfied with him and his staff. I have already referred him to a friend and a family member. Him and his staff are first rate.

Kirk P.


I had terrible pain in my right knee, which was adversely impacting my lifestyle and even deprived me of sleep. Dr. Bahk operated on me and repaired my torn meniscus and removed a lot of calcified crystals. I subsequently developed a sack of fluid on the back of my knee which made walking uncomfortable. Dr. Bahk drained the fluid and made me feel much better and I can walk normally again. It's been only 19 days since the surgery and I'm back to doing all my normal activities including a rigorous program of physical fitness. Dr. Back is a wonderful doctor with a friendly manner and an excellent medical education.

Gene M.


I ruptured my Achilles tendon on December 22, 2012. I saw Dr. Bahk and he recommended surgery. The surgery was scheduled on January 10 and everything went smoothly. I followed doctors orders and went through physical therapy. Feeling great!

Peter C.


I was amazed at how quickly the surgery went. I really liked the cd of my surgery. I was even more amazed at how well my pain (or lack thereof!) was managed. I hope I don't have to, but if I did, I would definitely use SCOI again.

Chris P.


Dear Dr. Bahk

I wanted to write to tell you how much I appreciated the work you did on my shoulder and how much I respect you as a physician. I called and left a message with your assistant, but I felt this was not adequate to express my gratitude.

I may have mentioned I don't really like doctors. I started working in hospitals when I was 17 and since then I have seen a few excellent examples of men and women who respect their patients, and treat them with dignity regardless of their age or the nature of their complaint.

I have had the good fortune to have several of these "miracle doctors" both as colleagues and personal physicians. You have joined the list of doctors I would gladly recommend to my friends and family, as well as any patient who had a problem that falls within your specialty.

I appreciate your bedside manner, your willingness to listen to my description of my feelings and progress (or lack of it), your willingness to let me choose the physical therapist I wished to see, your lack of negativity when I complained of pain, and for that matter, your positive manner in general.

You took the time to explain (and re-explain when necessary) the course of treatment; you not only allowed me to be the patient but insisted on it, despite the fact that I have been in nursing for 40+ years. You encouraged me to follow your treatment plan and not get frustrated or impatient with my progress. I must admit that other than my abdominal surgeon, you engendered more trust immediately than anyone else I've ever seen.

Mostly I wanted to tell you what a fantastic doctor you are and that you have won my respect for your professionalism, excellence of treatment, and patient relations.

Thank you for being a terrific doctor and for having restored my faith in the medical community so I know there are still physicians like you out there. I am sure you will maintain your standards and will have hundreds of satisfied patients like me in your career.

R. S.


Dear Dr. Bahk

I wanted to thank you for your knowledge, skill, and expertise as a fabulous surgeon gifted in the orthopedic field. Thanks to your "work" and help with my shoulder – the terrible 24/7 pain has been essentially relieved. I cannot relate to you how deeply grateful I am to you for all you have "given" to me! I also appreciate greatly your caring personality in today's world of medicine. Thank you for making my life easier.



Dr. Bahk,

Thanks for showing us that there are doctors in this world that are willing to go above and beyond. Most doctors are in such a hurry that they barely catch your name. Thankfully, that’s not you! We are incredibly thankful for your careful attention to any and every detail regarding my care. We think you rock and you’re truly a class act doctor!



Dear Doctor Michael Bahk,

It is with my deepest gratitude that I am writing to you. Today I thoroughly enjoyed myself working up a good sweat in a Latin dance class, and Monday I worked out with eighty other folks during a 2 hour, Pierce College, Encore class entitled “Body Movement”. This is the stuff that makes me so very happy, and I wouldn’t be participating in such activities at age 64 if it wasn’t for your knowledge, surgical skill, and human compassion which you applied as you repaired my damaged left knee’s meniscus in March 2012.

Last year, 2011 Thanksgiving holiday, I knew I injured my knee and/or lower leg as I was hiking up in the Cascade Wilderness. By the time I arrived home in Los Angeles I could barely walk. Wearing a knee support for a few weeks afterward still did nothing to heal my leg, and that’s when I made an appointment with you. Your diagnosis Dr. Bahk and subsequent meniscus surgery dramatically improved my quality of life!

Before I knew it on March 1st I was comtortably in and out of the surgical center within a few hours. From there, following your postsurgical directions my recuperation went extremely smooth. I truly appreciated the follow up check ups and the time and patience you applied to promote healing as well as to answer all of my questions. The prescription for two months of therapy with Nathan and Brian made my recovery even stronger and faster. I learned the proper way to use my body to avoid injury as well as various exercises to strengthen my leg muscles and core. I still do these at home! This entire experience left me with a feeling of complete respect, gratefulness and admiration for everyone involved in my healing process. I realize though that the process could never have begun without your excellent surgical abilities, concern, confidence and care!

I hope you never change Dr. Bahk. I know how hard you work and how much you travel, yet you are always so positive, knowledgeable, friendly and confident! Thank you so much for helping me get back to my normal!

Best wishes to you,


Dear Dr. Bahk

I just wanted to write to let you know how much my family and I appreciate your medical care. My recent injury was serious enough to possibly alter my lifestyle. Thanks to your experience and skills in diagnosis, surgery, and rehabilitation, I am able to start living the lifestyle I enjoyed before my accident.

You have a great upbeat and positive manner. Your competent and reassuring care gave me the hope and encouragement I needed.

I’ve found the entire staff at SCOI to be phenomenal. Your office assistant is to be highly commended. She handled my many phone calls and questions with promptness, efficiency, and courtesy.

The rehabilitation center at SCOI is also very special. The personal attention I have received from the staff has been fabulous. They designed unique exercises to bring my hamstrings back to working order. Paying close attention to detail, they have monitored my progress with a smile and encouraging demeanor. I’m absolutely thrilled over my care at SCOI. I’ll be recommending you and SCOI to my family and friends. Thanks again for being there for me, and helping my family and me get through a rough patch in our lives. We appreciate you immensely!!


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